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We partner with client teams at Fortune 500 companies to deliver value and achieve success.


This is a time of fundamental change. It’s not simply an issue of new supply choices, or reduced demand, or commodity volatility, or new technology, or regulatory uncertainty. All are changing at the same time. There are challenges, but also great rewards for those who improve and innovate. 
We help our clients understand these complexities, and develop and implement strategies and near-term changes that position them for long term success.
  • Corporate strategy
  • Business unit strategy and business model innovation — including regulated electric and gas, retail, transmission, generation, non-regulated ventures and suppliers to the industry
  • M&A — corporate and asset transactions — strategy, diligence, integration, regulatory support
  • Solution and technology development (including retail solutions, smart grid, electric and natural gas transportation, and solar)
  • Operational performance improvement
  • Organizational design, development and performance management
  • Customer, community and regulatory engagement
  • Sustainability


Incoho Consulting Group (ICG) partners with Fortune 500 clients in the following industries:
  • Utilities/Energy Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Technology
  • Insurance
Our solutions are innovative based on deep industry knowledge with an eye towards driving innovation and change management. Our services include:
  • Multi-Channel/Call Center Management
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Working Capital Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Revenue Leakage & Credit Collections
  • Outsourcing Solutions



At Incoho Consulting Group (ICG), we are expert strategists, helping our clients with their most complex strategic challenges to build tailored solutions to help them achieve sustained growth. At the same time, we are focused on operational excellence in translating company strategy to business unit and departmental operations. As such, we work to pilot initiatives measuring impact to key metrics along the way to ensure progress and success.


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