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You walk a tightrope to balance the diverse needs of customers, employees, investors, and regulators. Incoho Consulting Group's experts can guide you on every topic from strategic focus to post merger integration to operational areas such as more effective call center management, working capital management and supply chain.
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Multi-Channel/Call Center Management
Improving customer-facing platforms


A Fortune 100 company based on the East Coast needed help developing a call center optimization plan for meeting key board level metrics for customer satisfaction, cost and operations (e.g., service level) and for improving overall call center operations. In our role, Incoho Consulting Group (Incoho) helped the client development an overall call center improvement plan focusing on three key areas: (1) Driving down incoming contact demand; (2) Improving the use of self-service (e.g., IVR, Web, Mobile); and (3) Improving agent effectiveness & efficiency (e.g., training for high volume call types). The result: Improvement in all key metrics with a baseline understanding of key gaps and a plan developed with key initiatives to close the gap including an understanding of priority, timing, responsibility and cost-to-achieve.
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
Helping our clients understand their data & take action


A Fortune 100 utility company based in the Midwest came to Incoho with a request for assistance in optimizing the management of its field & meter services team in charge of installing, maintaining, texting and repairing both traditional and smart grid meters. In our role, ICG was able to quickly perform an assessment and analysis of the 30+ types of meter-related work.  As part of delivering value, our team was able to design a work management dashboard with an understanding of various stakeholder priorities along with recommendations for short-term and long-term service level agreements around timing of work completion. The result: A more effective work management system that helped the utility gain a transparent view of current & backlogged work to help them both work through the initial backlog and effectively manage new/current work on a real-time basis while meeting their SLAs for improved cost and customer satisfaction.
Post Merger Integration
Helping Clients Realize the Potential Benefits of Mergers
The CEO of the largest utility company in the US requested assistance with the post merge integration of its newest electric & gas utility acquisition to ensure realization of synergies and cost savings related to merger integration benefits. In our role, Incoho worked with all major utility groups to bring about the effective change in partnership with the acquired company through in-depth Incoho and utility teams from the areas including electric operations, gas operations, field & meter services, call center, revenue management, finance and other administrative areas.  The result: A plan to integrate the utility effectively and realize 2-year cost savings of $75M.
Working Capital Management Supply Chain
Developing strategies to manage cash flow and working capital
The client, a leading international oil and gas services provider with more than $2 Billion in annual revenue, engaged Incoho to improve cash flow and redesign key elements of the Treasury process.  With days in receivable of more than 75 days, the client was experiencing significant problems both in planning and maximizing cash flow as well as incurring resolving frequent customer payment disputes.  Incoho, working directly with the executive teams and subsidiaries across five continents, utilized a detailed data driven analysis coupled with reverse process engineering to identify key bottlenecks and process inefficiencies for corporate treasury services.  The result was an immediate acceleration of more than $40 Million in cash flow, a reduction of transaction costs and interest expense of more than $2.5 Million annually, and implementation of a customized process and tool to manage and reduce the more than $25 Million in annual historical payment disputes



Outsourcing Solutions
As a result of our successful engagement with clients on the consulting side of our business, additional opportunities to increase yield on receivables, reduce bad debt, and capture new revenue have been identified.
We leverage our proprietary process and world class data management and research capabilities as well as our U.S. based call center to provide value through the following Incoho Return Mail Solutions programs:
Incoho Return Mail (IRM) – We help large volume mailers unlock the value associated with return mail by compressing the cycle time for those receivables. We not only identify new billing addresses but also validate them to ensure success.
Consumption on Inactive Meters (CIMs) – We address one of the biggest challenges for any utility by connecting unbilled consumption to responsible parties. Our program provides the information needed to complete a Service Application and capture large back-bill and revenue forward opportunities. Our solution is less expensive, safer, and has more favorable customer satisfaction implications compared to alternative Field Work.
Both of our programs have a proven track record and an ROI that is 5-10X cost, positively impacting the bottom line.
For more information, please visit our Outsourcing partner website - Incoho Inc. or Contact us at (800) 804-7714


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